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IRS Tax Lien Release & Withdrawal


A federal tax lien is a serious matter that can have a significant impact on your financial life. If you have a tax lien, you may find it difficult to borrow money, buy a home, or sell property. You may also be subject to wage garnishment or seizure of your assets.

There are two ways to remove a federal tax lien: release and withdrawal. A release occurs when the IRS determines that your tax debt has been satisfied. A withdrawal is a less common option that allows the IRS to remove a tax lien from the public record even if your tax debt has not been fully paid.

If you are considering having a federal tax lien released or withdrawn, you should contact a tax professional to discuss your options. Florida Tax Law Group has extensive experience helping clients with tax lien issues. We can help you determine if you are eligible for a release or withdrawal, and we can assist you with the application process.

Here are some of the reasons why Florida Tax Law Group might be a good choice for you if you are facing a federal tax lien:

  • We have a team of experienced tax professionals who can help you understand your options and navigate the complex tax lien process.
  • We are committed to providing our clients with personalized attention and service.
  • We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

If you are facing a federal tax lien, we encourage you to contact Florida Tax Law Group today to discuss your options. We will work with you to find the best solution to your tax lien problem and help you get back on track financially.