Real Solutions to IRS Debt and Related Problems

Firm Overview

How We Help

Tax practice is limited to helping clients facing IRS debt and related problems.
Our tax practice is limited to representing individual, self-employed, and business clients who have IRS debt, who are at risk of new IRS debt as a result of an audit, or who disagree with an already assessed IRS debt balance.
This focus allows us to stay on top of changes to IRS practices and provide clients with the best and most updated information and representation.

Evaluation Is Required

In our office, every case is divided into two "steps". The first step is a complete evaluation of the client's IRS history and finances. This allows the client to avoid overpaying for legal solutions that aren't going to work, and to create a real plan that has the best chance of success. This evaluation step is required and the fee related to it is applied to the second or "solution" step.

Straightforward Advice

The evaluation process allows us to determine what options the client actually has. which options they may have down the road, and which ones they should avoid. The truth is... many people with IRS debt don't have an available "perfect solution". We tell our clients the truth about that. Our clients make informed decisions about their options, they don't rely on a sales pitch

Licensed/code of Ethics

Florida Tax Law Group Anderson has been licensed to practice law by the Florida Supreme Court for more than 20 years and must follow a strict code of ethics.

Complete Advice

Because we're a law firm, we can explain all the options available to you and we will explain them all, even if it means you don't need our help in the end as a result. Tax debt options are often so intertwined, that unless you are speaking to someone who understands and is experienced with each, you aren't getting complete advice. You're only getting advice about the limited options the tax resolution salesperson can provide. You don't want to learn about other legal options and how they may have affected your case...after the fact.


We've helped several thousand people deal with IRS debt directly and through bankruptcy over more than two decades of practice, but we don't consider bankruptcy to be the first option, and bankruptcy doesn't fit every situation. We look first to whether the client can challenge the debt, "settle" it for less with an IRS offer in compromise, or use a combination of partial pay arrangements and IRS collection statute expiration dates to remove the debt.

However, many people who may benefit from bankruptcy aren't getting the full story about how it might help. Where the debt is high, there are a number of years remaining on the collection statute period, and there are other debt problems, it will probably make sense to discuss how bankruptcy works.


We have helped clients eliminate millions of dollars in tax debt both inside and outside of bankruptcy. As a result, we've dealt with most scenarios an individual or small business will face when confronted with an IRS debt problem.

Flat and Reasonable Fees

Our experience and our process help us to charge reasonable flat fees for services in most cases. Cases are divided into different steps allowing most clients to pay as we work, instead of all at once. Many cooperative clients are surprised to learn that our fees are less than most non-attorney tax resolution companies.

Focus on Value

After the evaluation is complete, we'll discuss your options, all the pros and cons of each, and how they work. We'll only want to take on the solution portion of the case if we can provide you real value either in the form of eventual debt reduction and/or because you feel uncomfortable handling the solution portion yourself.